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The Haunting Of Hill House: What to Read and Watch Next

by Raspreet Kaur
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Books, movies and series like The haunting of hill house

The haunting of hill house is Netflix’s brand new supernatural series and in just a couple weeks this show has gained immense popularity. Based on a book, the show has resurfaced the underlying love for the horror genre for many fans. The horror of the Bly Manor is coming back on October 9th.

In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of this horror Netflix Originals series, then Mike Flanagan, the show creator, has a new horror show for you. However, it is unknown when the new show will be out. Therefore, we suggest these movies and series for your next binge. Furthermore, we added some book recommendations for the book lovers too!


The Haunting of Molly Hartley

If you thought the haunting of hill house had a complicated family history, then wait until you watch The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Haley Bennett plays the protagonist character of Molly Hartley in the movie. The story revolves around a teenager Molly, who flees from her abusive mother. She starts her life over at a new place and school. Little did she know that she’s haunted by something much scarier than her awful memories. The movie is filled with suspense and jump scares that will have you biting your nails till the very end.

The Others

Another intense horror movie that stars prominent actors like Nicole Kidman, this flick is relatively scarier than the haunting of hill house. The movie is loosely based on the story ‘ The Turn of the Screw written by Henry James. Physiologically horrifying, this movie follows the story of Grace and her daughter, who start seeing supernatural visions in their house. The Others is an ideal to watch for a good old-fashioned scare.



Any horror genre fan has watched at least one episode of supernatural in their lifetime. The show begins with two brothers who are in search of their allegedly missing father. During their journey of looking for some personal answers, the duo saves the lives of many innocent civilians with their extraordinary capability of defeating supernatural forces. The show provides insights on various mythological and urban legends across the globe. Be it, vampires, Bloody Mary, Hook Man, or spirits this show has got it all. Just like the much-liked horror Netflix original, the show supernatural will have you hooked.


This show, just like hill house, doesn’t fail to terrify the viewers. It’s a reality show available on Netflix in which a close-knit group sit down and share their experiences of supernatural encounters. The sinister stories of murder and unexplained incidents will surely leave you feeling uneasy. The haunting of the hill house and haunted have only 1 season available as of now. 


The Shining

Author: Stephen King

Nothing says psychologically horror stories more than Stephen King’s novels. From IT to The shining, King has successfully managed to keep his readers engaged in these page-turner horror books. Similar to hill house, this book has a psychic personality and a haunted building. Stanley Kubrick later adapted this book into one most famous psychological cliff-hanger horror flick of all time.

Burnt Offerings

Author:  Robert Marasco

Haunted house? Check. Family secrets? Check. A shocking reveal? Check. This book has a similar base storyline of the hill house. Halfway through the story, the book takes a turn for the good (in a horrifying, weird way) and will have you on the edge. The story and plot were so beautifully written that it was adapted into a film in 1976. The movie starred popular actors, for example, Burgess Meredith and Karen Black. 

While we are anticipating the release of the haunting of hill house season 2, these similar books, movies, and series can help pass the time. What were your favorite moments from the show? Let us know in the comment section.


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