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Top 5 Sports Movies That Will Keep You Glued To Your Seats

by Arkaprovo Das
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Sports movies

Sports is something that brings together people breaking geographical, social, and linguistic boundaries. It gets our adrenaline pumping, unchains our emotions, and has the power of making us laugh with boundless joy or cry with inconsolable sorrow. To sum it up, sports are THE ultimate form of recreation. Or is it?

The only thing that gets better than sports are movies based on sports. These movies capture the essence of unforgettable drama in the field of sports, often adding some creative touches that make these moments even more exciting and leaves us at the edge of our seats (often with goosebumps). Today, we present to you a list of the best sports movies that will leave you spellbound.

Pawn Sacrifice- Know the prodigy who changed world Chess 

The film’ Pawn Sacrifice’ is based on the life of Bobby Fischer, the controversial American chess prodigy who took on the chess maestros of the Soviet Union, in the process ended the monopoly of Russia on the game, and changed world chess forever.

Recreating many a dramatic moment of Fischer’s life as a chess player, this film often leaves you teary-eyed, rooting for the troubled genius as he takes on the very best players, and serves as a very strong source of motivation. The film also paints a picture of the political tension that was prevailing at that time that puts the story of Fischer in context and allows the viewers to comprehend how much Fischer’s victories meant to the people of America. These intricacies of the Pawn Sacrifice full movie clubbed with the loaded drama is what earns it a place in our list of the top sports movies.

Pele: Birth of a legend- Experience the journey of the King of Football

In the hearts of all football lovers, irrespective of nationality, the Brazilian football team of the 1950s and 1960s commands unparalleled respect and admiration. The movie, ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’, is based on the life of the individual who lay in the heart of this team, Pele. 

Starting right from the childhood times of the greatest footballer ever, the movie takes its viewers on a ride through the years of the resurrection of Brazillian football pride after the humiliating defeat against Uruguay in the 1950 world cup. The movie has a fitting end with the Samba boys lifting the highest prize in Football in 1958 after decimating favorites Sweden in their own backyard. Boasting a plot-load of drama clubbed with outstanding acting and cinematography earns this movie a berth in our list of top sports movies of all time.

Rocky- Old is Gold

This name on the list of best sports movies might feel a bit clichéd. But then, how could we dare leave out the series of movies that have given us truck-loads of motivational dialogues? Movies with scenes that continue to draw us like a magnet even after watching it for a hundred times.

A narration of the dawn to the dusk of a hypothetical boxer (played by Sylvester Stallone), Rocky and its sequels have captured the imagination of teenagers and young adults right from the 1970s till this day. The movie is pioneering in the realm of American sports movies. Rocky will continue to live in our hearts, thanks to its dramatic plot, bombastic dialogues, and that Greek-god body and swagger of Stallone.

Fire in Babylon- The story of the murderous Caribbean pace battery 

Fire in Babylon is a documentary film that narrates the story of the champion West Indian cricket team of the 1970s and 1980s. The film focuses on the much talked about West Indian pace battery of that era. A time that used to scare the wits of the opposition batsmen with their barrage of bouncers at lightning-fast speeds. The film also narrates some of the classic events of Cricket in the 1900s to a cricket lover’s delight.

What makes Fire in Babylon a must-feature in the list of top sports movies is its seamless run. In spite of being a documentary film, not for once during the running time does it feel like a patchwork of isolated but glorious events. It feels more like a well-knitted story of the men for the Caribbean playing cricket as hard as anyone could imagine. 

Goal 2: Living the Dream- A fictional story relating to the beautiful game of Football

Goal 2 is the second, and perhaps the most exciting movie, of the Goal Trilogy, which is the story of a fictional footballer Santiago Munez. The movie narrates the story of Munez’s life from the point he signs with the football giants Real Madrid. The concoction of a gripping plot, brilliant acting, excellent cinematography, and unpredictable twists makes it one of the best football films ever. To serve as an icing on the cake for football lovers, some of the famous Galacticos like David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, and Roberto Carlos make guest appearances in the movie.

A Special Mention – M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story

This film falls just short of making it into our list of the top five sports movies. However, its charisma is enough to make your eyes watery as you see ‘the Indian captain finish off in style,’ for one more time.

Based on the life of the former World Cup-winning captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the film takes you to the dusty grounds of remote Jharkhand where you witness the rise of ‘Captain Cool.’ Any description of the movie is incomplete without lauding the acting prowess and the hard work of the lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput. To Sushant’s credit, he filled the big boots of MSD quite credibly all through the movie. Despite the not-so-convincing VFX, made the movie a Bollywood blockbuster.

So that was the list of the best sports movies that will keep you occupied in this lockdown period with all sporting activities suspended. If you want the recommendation of the best movies of a genre, click here to head over to this blog, where we list the best cartoon movies of 2020.

See you soon. Till then, keep watching and keep reading!


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