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TRB Christopher Nolan Favs: 3 Works That Show His Brilliance

by Surya Shivanandan.
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Christopher Nolan movies

Christopher Nolan is a phenomenal director with more hits than any other director. Nolan is one of the top directors in our generation, along with Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, and Martin Scorsese. Nolan stands out from the crowd of Hollywood directors for being one of the most innovative and daring directors. He doesn’t use the beaten to death formula that every movie uses. Instead, he creates new creative premises for his movies and takes the path less traveled on every time.

Where Christopher Nolan really shines is in his complicated plot. His films tackle time travel, space travel, and many other topics without pandering to the intelligence of the audience. He lets the audience at home put two and two together. Even when he did a superhero movie, he rarely uses CGI unless necessary and instead insists on filming most of the action sequences. His films often have many complex storylines that seem like they are all leading to different avenues but sink together like a well-rehearsed orchestra, and Nolan, the chief conductor.

His complicated plots, directed perfectly with great soundtracks entertaining people all over the world. Christopher Nolan has numerous awards in his arsenal and continues to make beautiful movies. A newly released Nolan movie, Tenet is on its way to being a global blockbuster, even during a global pandemic. So we have listed our favorite Christopher Nolan movies:


Inception follows Dom Cobb, played by the magnificent Leonardo DiCaprio. Dom is a thief with the ability to enter people’s subconscious through their dreams. His niche skills put him in high demand all over the world. He has children in the USA but cannot go back as he is a convicted felon. However, a business tycoon allows him to erase all of his crimes.

The movie has a tremendous plot that leaves everyone in a state of shock at the end of the movie. It has had an everlasting impact on the people. The question posed at the end has made its way into many popular mainstream sitcoms. Main criticism faced by the movie is that it is fairly dialogue-heavy. 

There are many scenes where along with stunning CGI, the dialogues pushed a lot of the plot. It was an obvious fan favorite and was a magnificent hit when it came out. Christopher Nolan pushed the boundaries of what the audience can imagine and tickled our minds trying to keep up with the complex storyline of this movie.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a movie about the famous Bruce Wayne, played by Christian bale. The movie follows Bruce as he falls from civilization and joins a gang of rogue killers. Wayne is traumatized by bats and is reminded of this when he decides his superhero identity. 

He chooses a bat to overcome his fear and to instill a sense of fear in others. Bruce has a vendetta against muggers and wrongdoers and uses his alter ego to fight against them in hopes of bringing Gotham back to its glory days.

The movie is not your run of the mill superhero movie. It has a great plot, a beautiful soundtrack, amazing cinematography, and top quality directing. Compared to other batmen of the past, Christopher Nolan’s rendition gave weightage on Wayne’s trauma. There was a shift from the greatest detective of all time to a more heavy bat. This gave the character depth, and all his actions have weightage. He is stopping wrong doers because that’s how his parents died. Wayne drops from civilization because he cannot bear the loss. It is a phenomenal movie and one of the best portrayals of batman.

The Prestige

The Prestige is a movie about two magicians that initially start working together but split up due to differences. They are caught in a professional rivalry that turns unprofessional very quickly. Both love the same women adding to further plot complications. In their hatred for each other, they create beautiful illusions that dazzle the audience, but it is never enough. They always strive to be better than the rival, and this dirty competition leads to them getting shot at, hurt, convicted, and so much more.

The movie is truly a phenomenal artwork where we are shown the intricacies of the magic world and still end up marveled. The Prestige is co-written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, the uncredited writer of Arnold Schwaznegger’s Terminator Salvation. It pushes the boundaries of what is magic and what is science. 

Moreover, it has so many well thought out character arcs that all together push the plot beautifully. All of the ripples in the story come together and form a beautiful wave by the end, leaving the audience shocked and ready to watch it again.

These three are our favorites, but by no means is it Christopher Nolan’s only best works. In fact, all his movies are loved equally by those who love this director’s unique style. To the right audience, every work of Nolan is a treat. 

So which is your favorite Nolan movie?


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