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Underrated Disney Animation Movies That You Need to Watch

by Pallavi Narang
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Underrated Disney Movies

Disney has been a dreamland for us. It has been our best friend on a Sunday morning through our childhood. Watching the magic unfold in its movies, the characters spinning the best love stories was the one thing that we still look for when the fast pace of the current world overwhelms us. Snuggling inside a blanket on a rainy morning and tuning these innocent and fun movies is one of the best ways that one can refuel themselves. Since its formation, Disney has produced numerous movies. Some of them like Frozen, Tangled, and others have become the household name of this generation. But the treasure of Disney animation movies is deep and rewarding. Here are some of the best underrated Disney movies that you should add for your next Disney marathon.

Oliver & Company

This adorable and cruelly underrated gem needs all the love in the world and is one of the Disney movies you need to watch. Based on the Charles Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist, the movie is about an orphaned cat, Oliver who meets a bunch of stray dogs in New York City. Oliver is adopted by a rich family and life seems like a dream when suddenly Oliver is kidnapped by loan sharks. Watching the stray dogs leaving no stone unturned to save Oliver is heart-touching and funny at the same time.

A Bug’s Life

Disney movies goons at their worst again. Flick, an ant, accidentally destroys the food collected by its colony. The problem? That food was to be paid to evil grasshoppers who threaten to destroy the whole colony. They ask for a double amount of the food owed originally. Frustrated, Flick gathers an odd team of bugs to end the tyranny of grasshoppers for once and all.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Let me get this straight, Princess Kida is the best princess in the whole wide world among all the Disney movies. It is a shame that most people are not even aware of her existence. The story of this forgotten Disney animation movie is about the legend of the forgotten city of Atlantis. Atlantis is said to be the most advanced city in the history of humankind. However, it was submerged due to a Tsunami. Milo is such a good example for kids who want to chase their passion no matter what the obstacle is.

Robin Hood

One of the most light-hearted take-ups on the story of Robin Hood, this one will make you feel a part of the merry men that accompany Hood and Little John in helping the poor. The characters of this ageless story are in the form of different animals. Our dear hero, for his quickness and cleverness, is a fox. The animal kingdom, ruled by the greedy prince in the form of a tiger, finds solace from the never-ending taxes in the mischiefs of Robin Hood. Animal and Robin Hood combined together to make one of the must-watch Disney movies.

Meet the Robinsons

No one seems to even remember that Disney came up with this gem called Meet the Robinsons. Following the typical format of Disney animation movies, the story follows Lewis, an orphan with a passion for science, he meets Wilbur at a science fair. Wilbur offers to take Lewis to the past in his time machine. The movie brings out the message of finding motivation even in the most testing times is perfectly conveyed through the character of Lewis.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

A story that strings friendship, love, family, betrayal, and every other melodramatic emotion in a way that the viewer is left odd. What I loved about the movie was the character growth of Quasimodo, a disfigured man who has been forced to live hidden inside the bell tower of Notre Dame. The movie is filled with unforgettable characters such as Esmeralda, a gypsy, who can make you fall in love with her with just a look. I cannot rave enough about movies that showcase strong, independent women, Esmeralda being one of them. Therefore, it is one of the must-watch Disney movies.

This list can go on and on with additions like Pocahontas, Hercules, Brother Bear, The Great Mouse Detective, and many, many more. As I said, Disney movies offer a mine that has gems hidden inside every nook and cranny. One just needs to dig a little deeper to find these gems.

Once you have exhausted this list, you can go through the best-animated movies recommended by the TRB team. And while you are in this genre, take a leap and get into anime as well. Check out our anime recommendations on this page to know where to begin.


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