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What to Expect From Amazon’s Hanna After Season 2?

by Kanishq Acharya
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Hanna season 2

Amazon Prime recently released the electrifying second season of the popular show Hanna. It was better, stronger, richer, much more thrilling, and everything we could have asked for. However, as amazing as it was, Hanna season 2 left us with so many questions and crave for the next installment as soon as the last episode ended. So what can se expect after this exploding season? Read on to find out!


Hanna TV series is a teen spy thriller-action series by Amazon whose first season aired in 2019. It is based on an extraordinary girl, who was rescued by her father from a facility that breeds infant humans into killing assassins. The series takes inspiration from a movie of the same name. This action-packed series is a thriller and a coming of age drama that follows the journey of an out-of-the-ordinary girl.  

Where Does Hanna Season 2 Leave Us?

In Hanna season 2, we see Hanna teams up with her ex-rival and a supposedly new ally, Marissa Weigler, to take down Utrax’s worst machinations. When Marissa gathers the information on the “Pioneer” target list – a list of young people around the globe that are on target to be assassinated – rather than to make a plan to destroy such ruthless mass killings, Marissa decides to take charge of the mission with the help of Hanna – without her knowing it.  

The last episode of Hanna focuses on a man named Robert Gelder, who tries to reveal the Utrax’s secrets, and in response, Utrax tries to eliminate him. But voila! He is saved. But what looms ahead is unimaginable, and that is why Hanna’s last words in the episode “The List” is “What’s Next?” Exactly – WHAT’S NEXT? What can we expect?

Questions That Must Be Raised After Hanna Season 2! 

1. Can Marissa be trusted?

In season 2, we know that Marissa helped Hanna save a lot of people, but is she reliable? I mean, isn’t she the one who tried to kill her throughout the first season? And of course the absolutely questionable decision of ‘why not dismantle the Utrax’s plan?’ Instead, she marches on to lead the unit. “She would probably use Hanna for her powers and then eliminate her the first chance she gets” would be the most natural guess that anyone can make right now. But what is going to happen? No one knows for sure!

2. Is Erik really dead? 

We last saw Erik being buried after freeing Klara from Utrax. Considering he was a pivotal character in the plot, he still left a lot of questions unanswered. We know that he was severely injured and heavily wounded. So our theory is this – Erik never trusted Marissa, and since he is in bad condition, he went back to the forest, and Hanna and Erik somehow played out his death to deceive Marissa and know her plans. It could be possible that he makes a comeback next season. We know that it is a long shot, but let’s have our fingers crossed!

3. How many Utrax’s units are out there?

Utrax is the organization that made Hanna and other superpowered female assassins. We know that they planned to kill some young people, but how many more evil plans are they planning, and how can Hanna stop them? But the most mind-boggling question remains – “Are Utrax still the bad guys?”


It can be confidently said that after season 2 of Hanna Amazon Prime, there will be numerous threats lingering around her, and she will need help from someone to overcome these challenges. We can only hope that Hanna finds someone that she can trust along the way or get help from some old friends.
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