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Why Article 15 Movie Is a Must-Watch for Every Indian

by Arkaprovo Das
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Article 15 movie

A few years back, Ayushman Khurana starred in the Article 15 movie. From its trailer, it felt as if the film was based on an isolated rape case somewhere in rural India. But the horizon of the movie was much broader than that. It was one of those Bollywood movies which had no song sequences, no action scenes, no larger-than-life elements but presented a picture of the Indian society that often gets overshadowed by the glitter and pomp of economic development. Needless to say, the new generation ate all the good messages the movie gives.

After the pandemic hit India, the prevalent and malicious divide in our society has widened. And as always, we have turned a blind eye towards this widening rift. In this blog, I list a few reasons that everyone should watch the Article 15 movie as cinema is an element that has been uniting Indians since its birth. So, why not turn to it as an adhesive during these times of distress? Let’s get started.

Puts an end to the indifference of urban dwellers to the evils of the caste system

The caste system is a topic that is known to all of us, whether we live in rural or urban India. We all know that it is a handicap that has been plaguing our country for hundreds of years now. But unfortunately, for city-dwellers like you and me, this concept hardly manages to escape from the pages of our Social Studies books, and we almost never see it being practiced in reality, naked and raw. We never see how the victims of these practices suffer. Precisely because of this reason, we feel as if these things, however heinous they are, are happening in lands far away from us. 

The Article 15 movie changes that. Its protagonist is an urban dweller who used to see India as the perfect country. But when he reaches Lalgaon, a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, his perception changes as he has first-hand experiences of caste divides. Peeking into his mind, we realize that these things are happening in the society that we are a part of and not all in distant, fairytale lands. And we start to realize that an indomitable carving for change fills our minds, highlighting that film has hit the bullseye as far as delivering its central message is concerned. 

Brilliant storyline

One of the X-factors of the Article 15 movie is its exquisite storyline and the style of story-telling. Though its central message is a very heavy one, it finds just the right metaphors to deliver it. Also, there is an undertone of humor throughout the movie, which makes it an audience’s delight. Otherwise, sitting through its marathon running time could have proved challenging. Moreover, its message could have drowned in a strong current of boredom. Critical reviews of the Article 15 movie have highlighted this aspect and showered praises on it.

Highlights that everyone is instrumental in maintaining social balance

The foundational premise of the caste system is that some of us in the society are placed higher above others in the social hierarchy. This superiority, which some people gain by birth, gives them the right to oppress and exploit those below them in the hierarchy as they consider themselves to be closer to God.

The Article 15 movie launches an all-out attack against this basic premise. By a sequence of events embedded in the plot, it highlights how every human being, irrespective of his caste, creed, or religion, is an important cog in the proper upkeep of socio-economic order. If any of the cogs ceases to function, the whole system is brought to its knees. Hence, everyone should be treated equally. What a simple, yet elegant argument against the caste system, eh?

Shows that everyone can contribute to bringing about a change

Hope is a powerful thing, and it is the cornerstone of every revolution, rebellion, or protest. Believing that there is hope for change takes a bit closer to changing the prevalent social norms. Article 15 movie gives us hope. It shows us that everyone can contribute to bringing about a change. It lights a spark that, if carefully nurtured and kindled, can turn into a wildfire that can engulf the social evil named caste system.

That’s it from my side. I just hope that this movie reaches out to so many people. So much so, that the next time we google Article 15, we get Article 15 of the Indian constitution preaching equality on the top. 

The kinds of movies we watch define our personality. So, let’s enhance our personality by watching this brilliant movie. This one, in my opinion, definitely features in the top 10 Bollywood movies ever made on social issues. One more movie that comes to mind while thinking of top Bollywood movies on social issues is Thappad. I recommend you to give it a watch too. On the other hand, if you are looking to watch some movies based on foreign books but morphed to inculcate Indianness into it, check out our recommendation list.


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