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Why Movies are Killing You Slowly

by Saritha
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why movies are killing you

Movies and television are considered to be an art form in the modern world. They form the backbone for the entertainment industry and have been ingrained in society to a larger extent. The impact it creates on us is massive and it helps us to break from the monotonous life we lead. But before we realize it, we fall prey to the vicious cycle of binge-watching. The more we watch, the more we are dragged far away from reality, especially in the case of addictive movies

Since its initiation, TV has been blamed for smothering creativity. As children, we heard things like, “television will spoil your thinking.” Without a doubt, lounging around and sitting in front of the TV can be unfavorable to wellbeing, in addition to other things. Be that as it may, we have witnessed some astonishing shows being telecasted that turned out to be amazingly powerful in our way of life. This makes one wonder: Does it truly smother creativity? When we say these new movies kill us, we both mean literally and figuratively mean it. Here’s a list of the negative impact they create:

Speech Impairment

Surprised? Yes, watching more of cinema without a live conversation leads to speech impairment, especially in young children. It is found that children who spend a lot of time in front of the TV are slow learners of language and find difficulty in talking early. So why not have a live conversation instead and help your child? Moreover, the type of movies we watch also defines us and can affect the basic psychology of the child.

Kills Imagination

The most important point. What is life without creativity or imagination? Certain movies do introduce a new perspective to seeing things and encourage children to develop children to draw or paint. But most movies offer the creativity of someone else and give it to you on a platter in the form of intricate cinematic universes. You consume it with no scope or room to use your creativity. In addition to that, the time youngsters spend before screens every day, the more their behavioral patterns get affected. 

According to certain researches, the kids who were presented to more screen time at three and five years of age were at more danger of developing social and behavioral issues than the individuals who invested less time before a screen consistently. Your addiction to watching movies gives you no time to process, visualize, or think about what you are watching. Hence it kills your imagination, one movie at a time.

Messes Up Sleep Cycle

Have your binge watched new movies? With all the OTT platforms at our finger-tips, access to movies has become easier and also increased the hours we spend on watching. Studies have shown that this particular habit leads to irregular and unsteady sleep habits in people. One issue with sleep time and TV or movie viewing is the urge to keep awake until late to discover what happens in the story straight away. This is especially true in some of the most interesting Korean movies.

Moreover, brutality, blood, or tension may leave you feeling on edge and could add to thrashing around. In any case, neither of these is the fundamental concern. The most serious issue is that the bright light that your screen produces may keep you up. At night, you begin to create a hormone called melatonin that step by step causes you to feel drowsy. It keeps on expanding through the span of the night, helping you to nod off and stay unconscious until morning. In any case, it disseminates in the extremely early times and is eventually snuffed out before sun-up’s light. Your health largely depends on your sleeping pattern so better watch out your watching habits.

In the era of binge-watching movies, you deserve a break from the screen time to keep a check on your health. Though watching movies is the pure form of entertainment, you will have to regulate your watching behaviors.


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