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Why Sherlock is the best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes

by Surbhi Gupta
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Hello Holme-ies!

Sherlock is the most critically acclaimed Sherlock Holmes adaptation with several BAFTA awards and Emmys. I don’t see why I have to sell you on the BBC Sherlock Holmes series being the best adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle novels. From being the most faithful to the OG work to the writing, directing, and cinematography, Sherlock has a cast that has a chemistry that is off-the-chart. The BBC series is a masterpiece of mystery starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, Martin Freeman as Dr Watson, and Andrew Scott as the arch-nemesis Jim Moriarty. It put a contemporary spin to the classic detective drama. As an anglophile, I’m pretty sure the 221B Baker Street’s Cumberbatch’s style of Holmes is a silent nod to David Tennant’s Doctor Who, which frankly is nothing short of pure joy for a nerd like me. 

Adjusting to the Modern Era

I say it’s less adjusting and more claiming the 21st century to be a perfect working ground for the father of crime-solving and his dear friend Watson. The Sherlock Holmes series gives a contemporary and fascinating look to the old deerstalker and looks damn well good in it. As my favorite private detective (Consulting detective as he likes to call himself), Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is truly a one of a kind. Set in present-day London, this new Sherlock uses texting and technology to solve crimes for the thrill. My boss doesn’t know this but, I often watch too many YT videos on ” How to be a modern age Sherlock ” during office hours because yes, you guessed it right! It is my #No.1 favorite show.

Staying true while twisting

The Sherlock series encaptures some of the most beautiful Sherlock moments played by Benedict Cumberbatch. The Oscar nominees flair for fast-talking, looking exasperated, and annoyed fits right into the mold of the OG Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The show brings its own twists and gives it an edge by being caught up in its own cleverness and making the audience feel stupid, which in all honesty is a true Sherlock move. The first two seasons follow storylines directly from the novels. Meanwhile, the latter two seasons go on a whirlwind of writing and newness trying to meet the bar that has been set too high. Many find Season 3 and 4 a little too much. However, we at TRB feel the pompous and quirky nature of the high functioning sociopath is well within our morbid nature. There are definitely times you feel sorry for the character, but hey it’s the journey.

The Cast

Or should I come outright and say my love for Benedict Cumberbatch? BBC’s Sherlock was my first introduction to the magnificent works of Arthur Conan Doyle and our cute otter look-alike Cumberbatch. And evidently, I fell right in love with the anti-social, devilishly astute, and genius actor/detective. It was also him why I fully got into binging the MCU movies ( yeah guys, fine, okay, Dr Strange was my first and full official debut watch ). 

As the show progresses, Martin Freeman brings his Hobit foil-packed and a teeny bit of sadness that draws you to his character. Only to be revealed later, that was the show’s master plan all along. Mark Gattis’s Mycroft Holmes brings so much to the table with his wit-filled sibling relationship with Sherlock. 

Not only them, but the women of the show are also mind-blowingly spectacular! The sexy sher-locked Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), the I’m-not-your-housekeeper Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs), and my brilliant gem Molly (Louise Brealey). No, I have not forgotten the nemesis Jim Moriarty played by Andrew Scott who works wonders as the Hot Priest in Fleabag

No wonder stupid people call Sherlock’s intellectual deduction powers a parlor trick. What gives the series a winning formula to be the best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, is not one thing but a combination of baffling revelations, inventive characters, ingenious writing, and so much more. In some of the finest moments of the series, it’s easy to notice how selflessness and compassion are the sacred traits to the developing charisma of Sherlock Holmes series. 

Yes, that’s me on a call with the BBC waiting for them to tell me when Season 5 is coming out. I know you guys want it to, just say how much in the comments below!


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