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Will Succession Hbo Hold the Mantle of Best Drama Series?

by Kanishq Acharya
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Emmy nominations are in, and Netflix swept most nods from the panel, but the strongest contender in Drama series wasn’t any of the Netflix originals, it was HBO’s Succession, Watchmen, and Euphoria. Tough, Watchmen emerged on the top with 26 nominations, but failed to earn a spot on the Best Drama series, as it got its name on the list of Best Limited Drama Series. 

When Game of Thrones went bust in 2019, HBO knew that if they wanted to come back in the game they had created something extraordinary. So they released Chernobyl, it was exceptional, but we all know that Chernobyl didn’t fill the hole that GoT left behind, and then Succession came into the picture. The family drama made a good impact in its first season, but it was season 2 that broke the threshold and put Succession on the map. In this article, we will tell you why Succession HBO is the best nominee to become the next best Drama series. 

Razor-sharp dialogue

What makes Succession HBO’s gem is that the absolute bullshittery that every character does and says to keep lighten things. So much so, that whenever any character really expresses himself/herself, it makes a huge impact. This adds conflict to the character relationships and helps in predicting character decisions in the near future. 

Ambitions never met

Each and every character in Succession HBO wants something unless the character is Logan Roy. The CEO of the empire owns everything and everyone around him tries to please him. But he just loves breaking their heart. Logan Roy has been a winner. He knows how to manipulate the people around him, including his own children. This has led to his children learning to live in their dysfunctional family with its unhealthy relationship dynamics and survive the hard things their parents make them suffer through. 

Logan Roy

Logan Roy is probably the strongest character in the Succession series, be it narrative-wise or simply power-wise. He holds all the strings and buttons of every character. Let us consider Kendall. He is Logan Roy’s oldest son and the seemingly best candidate to hold the mantle of the business tycoon. However, in reality, he is arrogant. In the first season, Kendall saw an opportunity to snatch away the empire. But luck and Roman Roy (Kendall’s brother) were not on his side. So we knew that Logan will not make it easy for Kendall. As expected, in season 2, Logan finally got his revenge and scarred Kendall in a big bad way. The whole Kendall arc is one of the best arcs in recent television. But it doesn’t end here, the tensions between Siobhan (Logan’s Daughter),  Logan, Kendall and Roman is a treat within itself. 


Succession series could be the new Drama king. It can easily make a place for itself into the list of best drama series of all time. It certainly has the potential. Looking at the graph of its seasons, it seems that the Roy family has a lot more drama to offer us. If you would like to binge-watch other amazing series, check out our list of the lesser-known Amazon originals series. Do you think that Succession HBO could get into the likes of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below. 


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