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365 Days Review: Fifty Shades Remastered

by Arkaprovo Das
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365 Days

Netflix is on fire, all thanks to the steamy (it’s an understatement), romantic movie 365 days starring Michelle Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Honestly, the movie is not quite an ‘original.’ It is cast in a mold strikingly the same as that of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Just replace the businessman in Fifty Shades with a mafia boss, and take out all the interesting dimensions from it and voila, you have 365 days Netflix. Oh! You might have to replace the ending also. Filled with steamy sex, and just steamy sex, 365 days is barely anything more than an elongated pornographic movie.

365 Days: An Overview

Massimo (played by Michele Morrone), the Greek god and beyond, is the son of a Mafia boss who takes over the leadership of the gang after his father was shot. He is also critically injured in the shooting and gets this weird vision of a girl as he succumbs to unconsciousness. Once he recovers, he leaves no stone unturned to find this imaginary girl but does not get any traces of her. Finally, when he lands in Sicily, his eye lands on his dream girl, Laura (played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka).

Laura is in Sicily with her friends and boyfriend to celebrate her birthday, but her mafia admirer has other plans for her. Massimo kidnaps her and brings her to his castle (well, what else do you call that house) to make her fall in love with her (slow claps). He also ‘promises’ that he won’t have sex with her until she is ready (facepalm, anyone?) and asks her to fall in love with him in 365 days. The rest of 365 days Netflix is about these 365 days (less than that actually) of sex, sex, and sex.

365 Days Review: A movie that goes nowhere

Plot: A patchy and tasteless collage of attractive elements

Clearly, the script writer’s idea was to assemble a terribly rich, powerful, and hot male character, an attractive female character, sex, overt display of wealth, and an unexpected ending together. And he devoted the least time possible in coming up with a story that had all these elements. The plot is hopelessly predictable and hopelessly boring (if you take out the sex that is). 

Message: The Yes No Dilemma

We know it would be hard to believe that there could be anything more pathetic about the 365 Days Netflix than its plot, but no 365 Days review can overlook the social message that is spelt out loud and clear- When a woman says NO, she actually means YES. In a time where women’s rights are under threat, they are more vulnerable to violence and sexual harassment than ever, there is this central character of a movie on the most popular OTT platform on this planet who forces his will on a lady, and she eventually gives in. This message has the power to reverse all the good that has been achieved in making young men understand that NO means NO. No wonder the movie is being criticized far and wide.

The Ending

Whether you like the movie or dislike it, the ending of 365 days Netflix is sure to catch you napping. It comes like a bolt from the blue, and for the first time in the two-hours of its running time, you feel an attachment to the movie. You find yourself wishing that the movie had started from where it actually ended.

Final Verdict

If you have watched Fifty Shades, you will find the movie very predictable and very boring. If you haven’t, you could go ahead and watch it, but then we are sure you have much better things to do with your time. 

What Next?

Well, if you watched this movie and started to hate the entire genre of erotica movies, then we would recommend you to watch the Fifty Shades Trilogy just to bring back your trust in the genre. It has much more to admire than just sex, lust, and overt show of masculinity.

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