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Chaman Bahaar: Reality Bullies Fairytale

by Arkaprovo Das
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Chaman Bahaar

Chaman Bahaar burst onto the Netflix India scene amidst the nation-wide lockdown, and soon tip-toed its way to the numero uno spot of the trending list. But for once, it isn’t Jeetu bhaiya who has to do the herculean task of carrying  a movie all on his shoulders. An entertaining conglomeration of humour, authenticity, and witty narration, the movie speaks out loud (unlike its promotion) to the audience. 

Chaman Bahaar Netflix : An Overview

Billu (played by Jitendra Kumar), the central character of the movie, is a small-town boy who sets out to ‘make a name’ for himself by setting up a paan shop on the outskirts of the city. What was a routine, monotonous life for Billu comes crashing down when Rinku (played by Ritika Badiani), and her family settle down in a house opposite to his shop. Soon, Billu finds himself head over heels in love with Rinku, who by then, is the cynosure of every guy in the town ranging from a local politician to the spoiled brat of a wealthy businessman. Outweighed by the name and fame of his competitors, Billu leaves no stone unturned to grab Rinku’s attention and when he can’t, he resorts to the typical ‘majnu’ behaviour and labels her ‘bewafa’.

Chaman Bahaar Review: An entertaining movie which exposes a side of the Indian society

The story- An enviable mix of humour and seriousness

Chaman Bahaar’s story is an impeccable mixture of easy-going humor and deep social messages. If one decides to skim over the top, Chaman Bahaar Netflix seems to be the perfect rom-com. But only when you dig deeper, you realize that the story is a lot more than just comedy. When Rinku becomes the centre of male attention (including her class teacher), and not in a very friendly way,  it exposes the brazen male entitlement that prevails in the Indian society. This point is driven home by the movie in a very subtle but ingenious way- throughout the movie, not for once, does Rinku get to say what she likes and what she does not.

Also, the sudden, insidious twists in the plot catch the viewers unaware and make Chaman Bahaar Netflix’s latest flick more interesting to watch.

Top draw acting- Jeetu Bhaiya and Co. rule the roost 

No Chaman Bahaar review will be complete without praising the acting of each and every member of the cast. Everyone in the Chaman Bahaar cast, irrespective of their screen time, is a treat to the audience. Jitendra Kumar, for one more time, impresses one and all with what you can only term as natural acting skills. Despite Billu being a lot of things that are undesirable, you inevitably find yourself rooting for him, thanks to Jitendra’s superb portrayal of every aspect of the character. Not taking anything away from Jitendra, the movie wouldn’t have been half as interesting as it is without the antiques of Alam Khan, Bhuvan Arora, Bhagwan Tiwari, and Dherendra Kumar Tiwari. 

Once again, a small budget movie like Chaman Bahaar Netflix proves that you do not need the Khans or other larger than life superstars to make a brilliant film.

Details- You can almost smell the dusty air of Lomri

How many times do we see a movie ticking most boxes but performing dismally when it comes to looking after the details that hold the plot together? Chaman Bahaar is lightyears away from being such a movie. 

As mentioned earlier the movie is set in a small, dusty town named Lomri. Every minute detail ranging from the accent of the characters to their dressing sense keeps the setting in mind. This eye for detail takes the movie to a whole new level.

That Ending- Not what you are expecting

Okay, Okay! we are not going to disclose what happened. The only thing we will say is that the ending of the movie is not what you typically get in a movie of this genre. This is undoubtedly one of the USP’s of Chaman Bahaar.

Final Verdict: A must-watch

Chaman Bahaar is one of the best films Netflix India has produced in recent times, which is why I am confounded by the lack of promotion of the movie. Maybe the lockdown took its toll, or maybe the budget wasn’t high enough. Whatever the reason was, we think that this movie deserves a lot more limelight.

As your friends, we would advise you not to miss out on this pocket-sized dynamite.

What Next?

If you weren’t a Jeetu Bhaiya fan, and after watching this movie you are looking to feast on his brilliance, you could watch ‘TVF Pitchers’ or ‘Kota Factory’. 

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So, that was the Chaman Bahaar review. Hope you like the movie the same way as you liked the review. We will be back soon with recommendations for your Netflix dates, till then- Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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