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Dark will make you question your existence!

by Kanishq Acharya
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Dark Netflix first made headlines in 2017 when its first season aired. However, the attention span was short-lived for many reasons, but primarily because of its foreign language. 

The series heavily resembles Netflix’s other hit series Stranger Things, as both the shows have plotlines set in the 1980s and feature kids who wander around the woods of a small town where weird things are always happening. So if you are a fan of Stranger things, then you should look into this show too.
So here are some reasons why you should watch Dark on Netflix right now!

1. Crazy plotlines

At first, Dark Netflix may seem like a regular show with nothing significant to offer, but then it breaks all the barriers, and before you know it, you the show you are already hooked. With an already complex concept, the show doesn’t shy away from following the same complicated storytelling method further to confuse its viewers (in the right way). Add to that several plots and different timelines! Dark doesn’t even offer a bit time to think about what is going to happen next. Dark is concerned with the characters’ free will that somehow helps the viewers to solve the puzzle with the characters by asking the same questions that the viewers think. The show is like a puzzle that you solve as the character discovers it.

2. Build up

Unlike Game of Thrones or even Stranger Things, Dark Netflix does not disappoint in giving some great plot twists. Dark is like a slow burn series that builds up the suspense even if you don’t know it’s happening. Like some way, somewhere a plot is going into something to become a revelation. Both the revelations of Season 1 and Season 2 did not disappoint in any way. The ending of each season will make you feel satisfied, and in a bit of relief that alas, you got some answers.

3. Fictional yet realistic

The concept of the show is undoubtedly fictional, but the characters are authentic. They are not cartoonish or one dimensional. Even when they react, they do it most humanely. Maybe Baran bo Odar (showrunner) and the writers try to make a fictional world in the real world. These are the kinds of details make Dark amazing, you think you know what is going on, but at the end of the day, the writers always have something in their backpack that will punch you back to square one.

4. The philosophy of time

Dark Netflix is not a story of a man who goes back in time, but rather an account of humanity’s connection to the unrecognizable elements of the universe. Though it could be frustrating, it is frustrating because it wants to be. If everything were easy, then it would not be entertaining, drama lesson 101, “There must be conflict.” Another thing that makes the show exceptional is that it could simply tell the story with linear plotlines, but they choose not to so that they can keep the viewers in “DARK.”


Honestly, we literally could talk about DARK all day long, but then it will not be censored to spoilers. So it’s better to get into the series with the least knowledge about the series.  

 Dark on Netflix is a great show that has been given the mantle of the best Netflix show. 

What’s next?

Dark’s third and last season is coming on Netflix this month, so be ready with some popcorn. Till then you can finish your snacks with other great shows like–

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