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Fatal Affair Review: Everything But A Thriller

by Arkaprovo Das
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Fatal Affair

As a devout admirer of psycho-thrillers, I tend to get excited every time I see a new movie of the genre coming out. Fatal Affair’s case was no different. Coming from Peter Sullivan, the director of movies like Secret Obsession and Dangerous Lies, my hopes from the movie were pretty high. Little did I know that it was yet another misleading film from Netflix. It all came crashing down when Fatal Affair greeted me with a predictable, bland, and repetitive story that we all have seen multiple times before. It is too vanilla for a psycho-thriller. 

Fatal Affair: An Overview

Ellie Warren (played by Nia Long) is a successful lawyer whose marriage is falling apart. The inertia of her marriage is so strong that even a luxurious beach house fails to ignite the romance between her and her husband, Marcus (played by Stephen Bishop). Just as the flames of their marriage seem to be dying out, in walks Ellie’s college friend David (played by Omar Epps) and right from the get go the movie flares up. 

The two catch up on each other’s personal lives over wine in a club, just like old friends do, when they meet after 20 years. But things start getting steamier as the two get down to the dance floor and then take matters to the washroom. In just about ten seconds, Ellie realizes that this shouldn’t be happening and is quick to walk away, classifying the moment as a drunken mistake. But David doesn’t see eye to eye. From here, the wheels of the movie start rolling (or falling apart).

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Fatal Affair Review: A Predictable, Bland, and Watery ‘Thriller’

Script: Lacks Originality And Is Too Conservative

The script of Fatal Affair is hardly original. It takes refuge in the old, and worn-out flow of events as portrayed in blockbuster movies like ‘Fatal Attraction,’ and even then somehow manages to mess up things. The villain of the movie is shackled by the conservative script that does not allow him to do anything perverse or creepy (not that any of the TRB members is into such stuff). The result is that the plot has no twists, no thrills, or no spine-chilling moments. The movie embarks on a journey on a predictable highway from one cliche to another.

Acting: Lacklustre To Say The Least

Over time, Netflix has become the master of turning low-budget films and series, starred by unknown actors, into unforgettable masterpieces. But Fatal Affair comes nowhere near it, and the lackluster acting skills put on display is a big reason for that. There are sequences when the villain is hardly scary. In those moments, the victim tries so hard to be scared that she appears comical almost. Fatal Affair Netflix has to be an eye-opener for the OTT platform. If it wants to hold its hard-earned top spot among streamers, then it has to do better with regards to choosing actors for its original movies.

Opening: Gets The Audience’s Hopes Up

Perhaps the only good thing about the movie is the opening minute or so. Sex, suspense, and horror join hands in the opening minute, sending shivers down the audience’s spine. It is so creepy that you start expecting a lot from the movie. But as mentioned above, expectations are smeared with mud by the rest of the movie. 

Final Verdict

Well, given the wealth of movies the psycho-thriller genre has, it would be a complete waste of time to watch Fatal Affair. The lockdown already has us on our limits of boredom. Watching this monotonous movie may prove ‘fatal’ and TRB does not recommend it. Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’ is a better use of your time. 

What’s Next?

If you are looking for recommendations in the ‘Thriller’ genre, I would suggest you go through this list of movies and watch them one by one. TRB and I also recommend Netflix series Warrior Nun and Cursed to watch after finishing this movie.

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