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Forensic Review: Tries too hard to impress

by Archana Ganapathy
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Crime thriller movies never cease to intrigue the audience.

That is what the Forensic Malayalam movie presents us. A serial killer thriller story that could have worked well if executed properly.

The premise of the Forensic movie starts after the police receive a complaint about a missing child presumably kidnapped. With subsequent investigation, we learn that a serial killer might be on the loose.


Rithika Xavier (Mamtha Mohandas) is the investigating officer of this case that takes place in Thiruvananthapuram. Samuel John Kattukkaran (Tovino Thomas) joins the case as a Medico-Legal advisor. Samuel, aka Sam, has a reputation of getting too involved with the investigations thereby, creating friction with the police team. He also happens to have a history with Rithika Xavier that strains their interactions more.

The first half of the movie moves along with ease. The deductions made by Sam are easy to understand and convincing. At first, what appears to be a female-lead story soon morphs into a typical male-lead storyline.

Forensic Review: Lacks a Crisp Narrative

What Works?

Mamtha plays as a pious cop Ritika fully. She justifies her character and captures your attention by her screen presence. Tovino plays a forensic scientist and is the backbone of the film; you can even call him a one-man army. From matching the DNA prints to tracing the clues, he is the main driving force of the forensic movie. Director Akhil gives deep insights into the background process that happens during the investigation so you may learn some new things.

Flaws in the film

The problem with this movie is that the directors (Akhil Paul-Anas Khan) try to fit in too much info regarding the central characters that add no layers to them as intended. Instead, it just increases the screen time of the movie. During the second half, there is a crucial interaction scene between two characters that turns into a lengthy monologue.

The forensic scenes involving the procedures cover more time and are repetitive leads to slowing the pace of the film. We feel no sympathy for any characters as the family dynamics are out of place and misses its value.

Violence inflicted on children is quite disturbing to watch. The makers could have used something else instead of children’s wails to trigger jumpscare.

Cast & Technical Aspects

Except for Tovino and Mamta, the rest of the actor’s characters are not given much importance, or rather should I say you forget them. The side actors add no efforts to provide any flavors to the film. 

The cinematography is handled excellently by Akhil George.

The close-up shots and long shots induce the chills during the tense moments.

The background score of the Forensic movie mixes aptly with the theme of the story. At certain places, the music outscores the necessity that eventually distorts the evenness of the movie.

Final Verdict

Watch it to know about how a hurtful past makes a man go crazy and his illogical motive. The first half engages you with a crisp direction and twisted spirals of evidence. The identity of the killer is unexpected and surprising. The second half builds up well, but the final scenes feel rushed and get squashed due to dramatization. A one time watch is the one-line Forensic review.

What next?

If you liked the Forensic Malayalam movie, you must watch Anjaam Pathira, a well-knitted film with a hauntingly beautiful narrative. Else if you would like to invest more time then, check out the minds of serial killers by watching Mindhunter Tv show produced by Netflix.


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