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Love, Victor Review: A Tender, Familiar, gay rom-com

by Pallavi Narang
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When it was announced that the LGBTQ community’s darling Love, Simon (based on the book Simon v/s the Homo Sapiens Agenda) is getting a spin-off on Hulu, the fans were elated. I mean, who does not love a jolly, comforting teen drama that features the gay angst that is so underrepresented in the media? Love, Victor features diversity in its characters in a non-cringe way. The makers have written the characters in a way that makes them more human and less just characters. A heart-warming coming out story, but is it worth binging? Read on to know.

Love, Victor: An overview

The story is set in the same town and highschool that we got to know in Love, Simon. The Salazars move to Atlanta from Texas in the middle of the academic session, and, for the eldest son, the move is the best thing to happen. He expects that he will find himself as well as the acceptance for who he is in the vast Atlanta city. But with his slightly conservative family, a high school riddled with rumors about you as soon as you enter through its gates, and his own questions that create a turmoil in his mind, that journey does not seem as easy as he expected it to be. The show explores how Victor and his family deal with such a drastic change in their lives.

Love, Victor Review

The Good

A light-hearted coming out story that was so needed

Yes, Love, Simon was a light-hearted movie and filled you with chuckles. But the situation that Simon found himself in was more “easygoing” as compared to Victor. Victor has not yet figured out what he wants, what, or who he likes, where his heart lies. Add that to his conservative, Christian family that is slightly opposed to the idea of their kids being anything other than “normal”. What you get is an honest struggle of a gay kid trying to come out. But if you expected it to be watery and gritty, it’s anything but. The writers have kept the emo side reserved to Victor’s younger sister, Pilar.

This Hulu series gives us some cutesy and feel-good moments adorned with the acting of a great cast.

A perfect ensemble of cast

Talking about the cast of Love, Victor, we find gems in every character. Yes, the characters are a little cliche as we get introduced to them (more on that later), the acting of the young cast brings them alive. Once you watch it, you cannot help but fall in love with Rachel Hilson’s Mia and (my personal favorite) Anthony Turpel’s Felix. If you were an angsty teen like me, you will relate to the confused and angry Pilar, played by Isabella Ferreira.

Simon and his New York family

Victor messages Simon throughout the story. He details his struggle and his love life with Simon once he gets to know the famous Simon and the Ferris Wheel story. The way Simon advises Victor is always responsive to him melts my heart. I would also like a friend that understands my struggle and sympathizes with them, instead of sticking his experiences on my problems.

The Mediocre

The Story

Yes, I know. After raging about the series, I am going in the opposite direction by saying that the story offers nothing new. It is comforting and familiar. I expected almost everything that happened (other than Andrews, he threw me off with his gay vibe). If you are a story-buff, be warned. The story of Love, Victor is just like any other teen comedy.

The Characters

Yes, the cast was perfect but the characters? Not so much. They all fit a certain “category” that we so often see in high school movies. We have the asshole, the weird best friend, the princess alone in her castle, etc. Though what saves them is writing. The story, the arch that these repetitive characters follow is what makes them unique. You will definitely not find their personality making a 180 degree turn at the end of the series. They grow the way humans grow, a little at a time. Not radically, but organically.

The Verdict

So, the question for which you came. Should you stream it or skip it? Definitely stream it. Love, Victor is perfect for a short binge. Not only during pride month but also when you need a light-hearted story that is not burdened with a villain. The story is just about some regular people dealing with life. No one is out there to sabotage someone else’s life. This fact is the USP of the show for me.

What Next?

You can always revisit the comfort of Love, Simon after binging Love, Victor. If you want something just as heartwarming but Bollywood, check out Chaman Bahaar.

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