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One Punch Man 2 Review: 5 of the Best Characters

by Amara
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We all have been waiting for One Punch Man season 2 since the first season ended in 2015. Then, the miracle happened, and last year the much-awaited season 2 finally came out, but there was no legal way Indian OPM fans could even watch it. After almost a year’s wait, Netflix has dropped One Punch Man season 2, making it accessible worldwide, and I didn’t waste another second to finish it all. 

After watching it, I decided, yes, a review of the season is quite late, but I will still do it. Why? Because all the reviews I have read criticize the direction, animation, and whatnot. Here, I am NOT going to discuss the technicalities of the animation. Instead, I am going to talk about what really matters, after all, the plot. So let’s get started!

One Punch Man season 2: Overview

Based on One Punch Man webcomic chapters from 38 to 82, the season of the anime predominantly focuses on the Hero Association’s and Heros’ battle against the Monster Association. Throughout the season we will learn more about the heroes we met in the previous season, and meet new ones as well. The season ended in a way that does not indicate what we can look forward to in the next season but we can guess it will include the final battle between the monsters and heroes. However, those who have read the One Punch Man webcomic will know exactly what is next.

One Punch Man season 2 Review

My first reaction when I started watching One Punch Man season 2 was, “Sugoi!!!!!!” [imagine that Shoyo Hinata’s voice, please]. OPM was back after so many years, and that is all that mattered. Unsurprisingly, I finished the entire season in a day, and let me tell you, if you haven’t yet watched it, you are in for a treat! Contrary to many reviewers, I did love the pace of the new season and to my amateur eyes, the animation was just as amazing as before– slightly different but still amazing. However, the reason I loved this season was because of the character and world development in its 12 episodes.


The backstories, the power analysis, and our beloved Saitama’s indifference to it all is the cherry on top. Yes, yes, I know, the cynics will say that the manga’s story development was great, making the storyline of the anime just as good. However, we do need to give the due regards to the voice actor and sound direction for the brilliant audio and animators for keeping the manga alive. I honestly cannot wait for the next season. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for another 4-5 years. 

Keeping that aside, let me get to 5 One Punch Man characters that made me LOVE this season: 


Of all the One Punch Man characters, Genos is cutest! Just look at him clap like a little boy while cheering for Saitama, isn’t he so kawaii?

In season, we can see a lot of growth in Genos in terms of personality and his powers. Of course, his inclusion in this list is not surprising for I am sure everyone who loves the anime or manga loves this boy here. He is such a dedicated disciple that he makes me want to have one like him even though I, like Saitama, has nothing to teach anyone anything (except, Saitama does have something). I love how, throughout this season and the previous one, he always put Saitama and his words first. He is always thinking, “I shouldn’t bother sensei with this….” “He should be able to give sensei a good martial arts experience…” So, basically, Genos a sweetheart, and that is all.


Suiryu is a new character introduced in the One Punch Man season 2, a martial artist who is looking for someone powerful to contend with. The reason I love this character is how similar he is to Saitama. Not unlike Saitama, Suiryu joins a martial arts competition for fun and competition. He was intending to fight Garou, the previous years’ champion, considered as one of the strongest martial artists in the OPM universe. However, he ended up marking Saitama as his competition during the championship.


To me, Suiryu is a character meant to highlight why heroes are needed in the world, even if the human could somehow survive on their own. He is also a less-skilled version of Garou (of course without the intention of defeating heroes), but sadly he cannot be a match to Saitama, not even close.



Okay, I know I said Genos was the cutest of all One Punch Man characters, but that was before Zenko entered the show! She is tiny but more than enough to handle her hero brother, Metal Bat. Did I mention she was also successful in making a violent Garou retreat? The heart lady monster in the season has nothing over the charms of Zenko.

Metal Bat


Metal Bat was a mystery to me in the last season, and I wasn’t particularly inclined towards liking him or any other hero in the series. I was and still am staunch Saitama and Genos stan. But after seeing the way he fought with Centichoro and Garou in the season, I knew he was entering my favorites list. 


If you didn’t get it from the numerous times I mentioned his name throughout this post, I have news for you. Garou is my favorite of all One Punch Man characters. He is similar to and yet different from Saitama. Like the powerful hero, he is someone who aspires to grow and evolve. The difference is that Garou has scope for growth, and Saitama has grown too strong that he can’t anymore. But that is not why I love Garou. 

I love Garou because he is exactly the kind of grey-shade character that I want in the stories I consume. He is staunchly against the heroes, but to achieve his aim of showing the power of the weak and monsters, he doesn’t resort to murder. He always makes sure to never kill anyone and refrains (even protects) from hurting humans. Despite wanting to be a monster, he is not particularly fond of them or willing to collude with them. In short, he is one of the best characters in the OPM universe. 

So, should you watch season 2? Are you kidding me??! After so many years of wait, why wouldn’t you?!

What Next? 

So, you are done bingeing One Punch Man season 2 in a flash, like me, eh? What next, now? Don’t fret, I have you covered! Here is what you can do while waiting for the next season of OPM:

  • Read the manga: You can read the manga after chapter 82 to know what will happen in the next season. Better yet, start from the first to relive the experience of meeting the OPM characters. 
  • Watch similar anime: If you love the hero aspect of OPM universe, watch anime like My Hero Academia, Tiger & Bunny, FLCL, and the like. If you love the parody, go for shows like Kill La Kill and Gintama. For more overpowered protagonists like Saitama, go for Mob Psycho 100, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Assassination Classroom, and the like. 

If the above recommendations did not satisfy you, check out this list of new anime releases on Netflix. 

So, what did you think of One Punch Man season 2? Let me know in the comments below!


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