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Something in the Rain Review: a K-Drama You Should Not Miss

by Archana Ganapathy
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Something in the Rain

Rain is a season of change, growth, serenity. Something in the Rain infuses life into this abstract. For Indians, rains translate into having a hot cup of ginger tea with a dash of spicy pakoras. But for Koreans, it seems to consist of rice noodles, a glass of wine/whiskey, and an umbrella.  Well, jokes apart. Something in the Rain is about two people who fall in love with each other yet are stuck in an endless circle of fear, judgment, insecurities, and hope.

 They are just ordinary people whose choice to stay together opposes social norms. This resistance brings to light the dark side of the society that wants to conform you into boxes, mold you into someone who sticks to unspoken rules instead of valuing your happiness… Needless to say, the TRB team recommends this beautiful Kdrama.

Something in the Rain Overview

Where to Watch: Netflix

A beautifully depicted k-drama series wherein romance blooms between Son Ye-jin (Jin-ah) and  Jung Hae-in (Joon-hee), who happens to be the younger brother of her best friend Seo-Kyung-Seon. The series captures the myriad of reactions, mostly against, this development. On the way, it casts light onto many difficult aka taboo subjects like workplace harassment, hypocrisy against women, parental acceptance, friendships, abandonment, etc. The society as in people surrounding lead characters subtly and not so subtly ( Yes, Jin-ah’s mom I am talking about you) question their choice that induces doubt into their minds, straining their relationship to a varying degree.

Something in the Rain Review: One You Shouldn’t Miss

What works

The Lead Actors

Jung Hae-in (Jun-hui) and Son Ye-jin (Jin-ah) have given their best performance yet. Whether it be their intimate moments, playful, serious moments, they have done it so realistically that you feel the weight of the emotions in every crucial scene with them. They manage to drag you through a myriad range of feelings effortlessly. They completely steal the show and your heart.

Family Dynamics

A large portion of our persona and perception towards society are substantially influenced by the views of our parents. Any opposite view to that of our parents feels wrong at first even though it feels right to us. We fear their frown or any signs of disapproval. Jin-ah’s life turns messy when her choice creates friction within the family. While her brother and father come around, her mother opposes her choice vehemently. Although her stubbornness stems from fear of what society will say, it blurs into a need to control as the series progresses. Something in the Rain does leave us with a message that even though parents want the best for their children they shouldn’t impose it on them forcefully.

Work Place

Taboo is present everywhere, be it about religion or the workplace. Women face harassment in some form regardless of where they go. Jin-ah also does at her workplace. When it’s time for her company to support her, they let her down. The bright side is that she finds a true companion through the turbulent times. Even her female colleagues fail to stand up for what is right fearing dire consequences.


Seo-Kyung-Seon and Geum Bo-ra have beautifully portrayed two different facets of friendship. Jin-ah has a decade-long bond with Kyung-Seon that trembles with newfound changes and revelations. Geum Bo-ra comes to the rescue of Jin-ah and supports her. This representation makes you believe in the power and value of friendship.


Music is an integral part of any k-drama series. Something in the Rain is no exception. You will be crooning many songs from the series for days to come. Whether it be “Stand By Your Man” or “Something in the Rain” or “Save The Last Dance For Me” etc.


If you are a k-drama indulger, you know every episode extends staggeringly for more than 60 minutes. It is the format and there could have been some time edits but who’s complaining when you get to see romance at its finest. 16 episodes in total, the first 7 episodes are smooth as silk. Every ingredient is added with the right amount and texture. The hitch is in the last 5-6 episodes when things get tense. A bit of editing would have made it better. The emotional drama of Jin-ah’s mother overwhelms, sometimes, the rest of the elements are perfectly placed.

Final Verdict

Do watch it. You won’t regret it even a bit. Something in the Rain manages to capture different facets of life realistically yet beautifully. That’s a feat in itself. The background scores will be added to your playlist by the end of the series. Yes, it’s that good. No complaints, only compliments.

What’s Next

After finishing the K-drama, you have multiple options: either watch successful webtoons-inspired k-dramas or watch Korean movies if you have less time to binge. 

Have you watched Something in the Rain? What did you think? Do you have any Kdrama that you want the TRB team to check out and review? Hit us up in the comments below! Keep checking out our website for fresh and interesting content reviews.


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