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The Old Guard Review: Appears To Be A Timeless Gem

by Arkaprovo Das
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The Old Guard

Immortality- a utopic term for many, the nemesis of ‘Death,’ the ultimate fear of mankind. But does it come at a cost? How far can the human species go in the pursuit of immortality? These philosophical questions have been haunting us for centuries now, and more than ever in this era of rapid and path-breaking technological and scientific progress. Common folks like you and me seldom delve deep in this realm. But what happens when an action movie seeks to answer these questions with a pinch of humor? The product turns out to be an unskippable movie, a movie that you can’t even think of pausing, named ‘The Old Guard.’

The Old Guard: An Overview

The movie is based on a group of immortal soldiers who have been fighting for ‘the Greater Good’ since time immemorial. It is set in modern time, in the era of greed and ground-breaking improvements in ‘humanity,’ when humans are pursuing immortality like starving men in pursuit of meat. The seemingly easy-going and fun-filled life of Andy (played the ever-charming Charlize Theron) and her band turns upside down when the CEO of a pharmaceutical company gets the whiff of their special abilities and becomes hell-bent on capturing them to better the lives of humans. When two of the band members get captured, all hell breaks loose. 

The Old Guard Review: All A Movie-buff Could Have Asked For

Theme- Much more than just actions

At first glance, The Old Guard Netflix seems to be an action-packed potboiler. But, as we wheel into the depths of the movie, we come to realize it is much more than that. The movie offers the audience a window to peek into the lives of its immortal characters, and as we get a glimpse of their invincible lives, we come to realize that immortality might not be as good as we perceive it to be. The movie casts a bright light on the baggage that comes with immortality and also gives a glimpse of how barbaric the blind quest for immortality can make us. This aspect of the film makes it exceedingly difficult to classify it as a mere action film.

Story- Gets you Hooked

Well, how many times has it happened that movies related to immortality have got too tangled up to be deciphered? The Old Guard eludes that trap and does it with some mastery. In the opening few minutes, the audience gets a complete understanding of what is happening in the movie. Then, the movie expertly builds on this understanding and introduces complex emotions, ticklish humor, and of course, the action. In a movie of this sort, it is very easy to lose your audience amidst all the imaginary stuff, but The Old Guard remains within touching distance throughout its running time. It strikes a perfect balance between the imaginary and the believable.

Acting- The Theron Show Continues

Charlize Theron is, well, Charlize Theron. She just has this innate capability to portray a character right as the plot demands it to be. As Andy, she switches between being an unforgiving assassin, a serious yet cheeky leader, and a compassionate friend. She is well supported by Kiki Layne (as Nile), Marwan Kenzari (as Joe), and Harry Melling (as Merrick, the bad guy). I think Harry Melling deserves a special mention in this review. He doesn’t appear to be someone who could play the role of a bad guy, yet he manages to get under your skin and make your temper flare. Overall, the whole cast did a stupendous job pulling off this film in the manner that they did.

The Ending- The Perfect Cherry on A Perfect Cake

I was almost praying that the movie doesn’t let me down right at the end (trust me, that happens to me all the time), and thankfully, it didn’t. The ending of the movie is a fitting one. You can’t classify it as good or bad. The Old Guard has the kind of an ending that is every movie buffs’ dream.

Final Verdict

I feel that The Old Guard is one of those movies you would not miss for the world. Its action sequences? Spine-chilling. Humour? Superbly timed. Underlying message? Counter-intuitive. Acting? Could not have been better. Also, watch out for that sneaky plot twist. All these forces join hands to make ‘The Old Guard,’ a legen-wait for it-dary movie. 

What’s Next?

After watching the movie, if your interest in immortality got renewed, I have a series to suggest that you might be interested in. Check out ‘Upload.’ You will find it on Amazon Prime Video.

If Charlize Theron managed to turn your head too, for one more time, I would suggest you another exciting and entertaining movie of her named ‘The Long Shot.‘ I feel it is a very underrated movie and has the capability of making anyone’s day better.

So, that was my review of ‘The Old Guard.’ I will be back in no time with another exciting read. Until then, if you are looking for movies and series to watch on Netflix, you might want to check out Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai or the Warrior Nun


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