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The Wrong Missy Review: When She Becomes Ms. Right

by Amara
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Life can be an everlasting bad date… until it turns real good– this summarizes the latest Netflix film, The Wrong Missy. Want to know if you should watch it or not? Let’s find out. 

The Wrong Missy Overview

Life turns upside down for Tim Moris when he invites the Wrong Missy on a corporate retreat meant to be an opportunity for him to seize that coveted promotion. What follows is a man’s hilarious and healthily cringy journey of falling in love. 

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The Wrong Missy Review: When She Becomes the Right Missy

We all knew this was a romantic comedy with a primary focus on comedy since the cast includes David Spade and Lauren Lapkus. However, I did not expect THIS. 

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, The Wrong Missy has all the elements of a typical Rom-Com. However, Lauren Lapkus’ performance as Melissa AKA the Wrong Missy takes the regular love story to a new level of hilarity and cringe. So what works and what doesn’t?

What Works: The Opposites Attracts Formula

Tim Moris is a Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes, who is calm, collected, and prim. In other words, he has a stick up his butt and absolutely needs control over his life. However, he secretly yearns to be free and have fun in life. He is on a lookout for a Ms. Prim and Proper, but also someone to love after being betrayed.

…And in comes Melissa or Missy, a cringe-worthily wild and boisterous. She is bat-shit crazy and what seems like really HIGH alcohol tolerance. But underneath it all, she is a sweetheart and a capable woman who is a deadly combination of street smart and books smart. She is on a lookout for some adventure, and honestly, someone to love her.

The two meet and there are sparks everywhere and not the good kind. It was interesting, hilarious, and quite cringy to see their journey throughout the movie. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic, but I absolutely loved the tried and tested opposites attract formula.

What Doesn’t Work: The Creepy ‘Best Friend’

I am all for good friendships and best friends helping each other succeed in their love lives. But, Nick Swardson’s Nate was creepy as hell. He accessed Tim’s e-mails and messages, work and personal, to ‘help’ him. Not only is that invading someone’s personal space, but it is also downright stalkerish.

Not to mention his definition of ‘Ms. Right,’ and his attempt on stopping Tim from being happy with Missy is quite annoying and sick. While he played a key role in ensuring Missy came to the corporate retreat, I still feel we could have done with less of him.

What Works: Characterization and Character Arcs

One of the best things about The Wrong Missy is seeing a complete and satisfying character arc of Tim Morris. Going from being prim and proper and someone whose priority was to impress his boss, Tim became a guy who wants to break free. He became the guy who could see past the craziness that is Missy’s shield.

Speaking of craziness and shield, the character Melissa or Missy is a treat for any rom-com lovers. As we meet her, our first impression is that she is outrageously insane with no sense of shame. But as the Netflix film progresses, we get to see just how smart and capable she really is. Moreover, she has the best trait of them all– being a jack of trades.

Underneath all her craziness we get to see her emotional intelligence, which makes us wonder if she is really insane or someone who constantly abandons inhibitions. Serious conversations with Tim reveal yet another facet of her personality– her vulnerability.

Suffice to say, she is one hell of a character, and I love her.

What Doesn’t Work: The Ex-Girlfriend Trope

Watch The Wrong Missy made me wonder just when story writers will abandon the ex-girlfriend trope. Why is it that, an ex who dumps a person suddenly realizes their ‘feelings’ when he or she sees them happy with someone else? This trope is everywhere and this Netflix film is no different. The ex did not go on to add any substance to the story and neither did her ‘sudden realization.’ So, pray tell me, why was she needed?

Final Verdict

So should you watch it? 

Definitely! The Wrong Missy is a must-watch Netflix film. If nothing, it will have you laughing (and cringing a bit) for an hour and a half. 

So, What Next?

After you have finished watching The Wrong Missy, you can watch similar rom-coms, preferably Adam Sandler flicks like Blended, 50 First Dates, and much more. Tune on to Romedy Now on your TV (yes, get out of Netflix, already!) and watch some of the best romedies from Hollywood. 


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