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Warrior Nun Review: Nuns Being a Badass for 10 Hours Straight

by Amara
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Warrior Nun

Who knew nuns could kick ass? This was the first thought in my head as I started on Netflix’s Warrior Nun. Starring Alba Baptista, the web series aired on the streaming platform on July 2nd and quickly rose to the top 5 among the most-watched. Is it worth a watch? Yes, most definitely, yes. Let me tell you why. 

Warrior Nun Overview

Warrior Nun follows Ava Silva, a Quadraplegic orphan, who gains inexplicable powers after waking up in a morgue. Caught in a tussle between the good and evil, she must find herself and choose sides. The Netflix series explores the dark past and secrets of each of its characters. It questions what indeed is good and evil. 

Warrior Nun Review: Nuns Kick Some Serious Ass

What Pulls You In

I was not planning on watching Warrior Nun, at least not as soon as it came out. I had planned on watching it maybe next year when a possible sequel could be coming out. If you know the pain of cliffhanger endings, you will understand my reasoning. However, I planned on checking the series out, maybe watch a little of the first episode during lunch. I shouldn’t have because soon I was pulled in by these elements: 

The Name and Concept

The title, Warrior Nun, had me watch the trailer, which had me check out the first episode. The rest was history. One of the first things that pulled me into the world of this is the concept of a secret military sect serving for the Vatican. The idea of nuns involved in combat is too good a temptation to pass. Add to the mix is a reluctant hero like Ava Silva. 

Nuns Kicking Ass

Nothing boosts the feminist in you like watching a bunch of women kicking ass. It gets even better when nuns do all the ass-kicking. While still talking about nuns, I would like to take a moment and appreciate sister Beatrice, sister Lilith, and Mary. These three women have taken action sequences in the show up by a notch, especially Beatrice (played by Kristina Tonteri-Young). If nothing else, you will definitely appreciate the badass nuns in Warrior Nun

Ava’s Wit 

Miss Iron Man’s quips in avengers? Do you love Deadpool for his witty comebacks? Don’t lie; you know you do. Ava is no different when it comes to wit, sarcasm, and pun. I enjoyed watching Warrior Nun for the most part due to her dialogues. As someone who has had a tough life, Ava has a knack of taking everything in a lighter tone. While it is exasperating to other characters in the show, to us, the viewers, it was a delight. 

What Gets You Exasperated

Ava’s Character Arc

Who doesn’t love a nicely executed character arc? Even more so, if the person involved is a reluctant hero like Ava. However, over the years we have seen so many of such hero-characters that now, it has become quite predictable, if not exasperating. Moreover, it follows the worn-out “Chosen One” formula that has simply lost its charm from the Harry Potter days. So, yes, while the arc was necessary to the story, it was not a cakewalk watching it. 

The Four Squatters

If the character arc of Ava in Warrior Nun was irritating, the four squatters, who become her “friends,” are even more annoying. Once again, it was all part of the story’s progress, but was it really necessary to give it as much as it been given? I don’t know about you, but personally, I would have been fine without their extended presence. 

The Evil Mother

The reason the mother from the orphanage was exasperating was the sheer evilness emanating from her. Can you call yourself a “mother” or be a “bride of the lord” with such toxic behaviour? Perhaps this was Simon Barry’s way of showing the underbelly of the Catholic regime. 

What Shines Through It All

Despite the exasperating elements in the series, Warrior Nun has a few things that remain the highlight of the show. These are the things that had me watch the rest of the show and love it. 

The Bonds of the Nuns

Warrior Nun showcased a side of a church, where sisters are like family to one another. I loved seeing the bond between Shannon and Mary or Mary and Lilith (the list could go on). It was wonderful to see how the nuns were ready to risk their lives for one another and the sheer loyalty they have. Ava, being an orphan, was able to find a family in them. 

Layered Characters

Yet another thing I LOVED was the depth in each character in the series. Warrior Nun successfully explored everyone’s dark past or vulnerability without dragging the story. It is no small feat and requires adequate appreciation. For, with each piece of the puzzle, you see a character, even the ones you dislike, in a new light. 

Friends I Wish Were More

I will not spoil it for you. However, there is a pair of friends in Warrior Nun, who share a great bond. They have a relationship based on mutual understanding, friendship, and vulnerability. And I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that in season two they get to be more than friends. Please, Simon Barry, if you read this and got whom I refer to, please make it happen. 

The Misdirection

I left the best for the last. I have this habit of guessing what will happen next or who is the bad guy as I watch a show or a movie. Not to pat myself on the back, but 95% of the time I have it right because it is all predictable. Warrior Nun comes under the 5% that surprised me. To be fair, not quite. The story was quite predictable in certain areas, and I had the bad guy narrowed down until the show went on to misdirect me. Simon Barry has made sure you cannot guess who is evil and who is being set up to look like one, until the very end. 

Final Verdict

Should you watch it? A thousand times, yes. Will you love it? I sure hope so. If nothing else, you will certainly love the action sequences in Warrior Nun

What’s Next?

If you breezed through that one faster than the light, then here is what you can do next: 

Movies: Want more of the nun action and don’t mind the sacres? Try out Conjuring Universe‘s The Nun. 

Series: Season 4 of Netflix’s The Protector is coming out on 9th July. You can catch up with the first three seasons in time for the new one. The Order and The Witcher are some other fantasy series you can check out after Warrior Nun

Books: Warrior Nun is based on a comic book Warrior Nun Areala, created by Ben Dunn. If you did not have enough of the world, reading this comic is your solution. 

What did you think of Warrior Nun? Let me know in the comments below!


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