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Westworld Highlights the Conflicts Between Humans and Robots

by Shaina Agrawal
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The relationship between humans and artificial intelligence has been in question for long. Do you ever wonder what happens when these robots will attain consciousness? What happens when they start revolting against their creators who keep them as their slaves? The HBO Sci-Fi Series Westworld runs around this background and attempts to tell whether the humans and robots can exist together in harmony with the worlds of each other. Was this attempt successful? Read the review ahead to find out. 


The Westworld Netflix series draws its inspiration from the 1973 movie “Westworld.” The robots or the hosts in Westworld park look and act exactly like humans. They carry on all the professions like humans do, be it bartending, prostitution, sheriff, robber, etc. It is not in the programming of the host to harm the guest (human), making them a victim of brutalities such as rape, murder, torture, etc. inflicted by the guests on them.

The Westworld Season 1 introduces Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy, a host, Ed Harris as William or The Man in Black, Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford, and Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe along with a long list of cast members.

Westworld Review: Highlights of Conflict

Utter Confusion

The Westworld series dwells into making the robots so lifelike that they forget to put something for the audience to demarcate between both of them. Every time a new character comes, the first question that pops up is, wait, is it a robot or a human? Besides, the series also moves back and forth in time, which makes relating the storyline a little hard. 

The Theme Park

Westworld is the name of the theme park full of hosts made by Robert Ford and his associate, Arnold Weber. The guests who can afford the ticket of the park costing $40,000, can live there without any limits. No laws abide by in this park, so even if we accept that robots will feel, eat, poop like the humans in the future; it is difficult to grasp that it will have no laws governing it. 

Delos Inc

The parent company that finances Westworld is Delos Inc. It is a bridging factor between the world we live in now and the future world that the series shows. The incident when several hosts start malfunctioning and the board of Delos plans to push Ford (the owner of the theme park and hosts) out is probably the first time we see some authority in the series. However, Ford changes the programs of the hosts, making them capable of harming humans. He does that so the hosts would kill the guests as well as the board members. Ford himself gets killed by Dolores (a host), who mirrors the demise of Arnold (another host). At this point, the conflict between the worlds begins at full speed. 

William and Dolores

William is a human who visits the park with his brother in law, and Dolores is a female host. It does not take William long to realize that Dolores has consciousness; he falls in love with her. Now, this is not the first series showing a human and a bot falling in love, so it is easy to go with the flow of it. The return of William, as the ‘Man in Black’ after 30 years seeking a maze; device by Arnold that can guide hosts to consciousness is unsteady for the viewers. 


The speed at which science and technology are developing, it is not hard to imagine a world like Westworld. The experts have already developed robots like Sophia, and they may develop many more in the future. Nobody can be certain if the making of these robots will be risk-free for the human world. A fight for dominance is inevitable if these robots were ever to gain consciousness. Also, when we speak of harmony, there needs to be a moral ground. It is immoral to torture a robot that can feel the pain and suffer even if it is not a human. Will there be any accountability for that in the future? Thus, watching Westworld is intriguing due to its concept, for it gives a window to the future. 

Final Verdict

There are almost no chances that Westworld Netflix will be available since it is an HBO series. Three seasons of the series are already out, taking the debate of harmony between the two worlds forward. The debate topic may not be unique, but the series sure is a major development in giving it a perspective.

The question that you must be asking yourself now is, should I watch it or Should I not? Well, it depends; if you are someone who loves sci-fi, then there is no reason for not watching this series, whereas if sci-fi is not your favorite genre, then this series is not the series that will change your opinion. 

What Next?

We start longing for a new series as soon as we finish one. It is okay; I am also like this, so let me save you the trouble of deciding. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • See the Movie – As I mentioned earlier in the review, the series is the adaption of the movie with the same name. 
  • Other Netflix Series – Netflix is full of series that you can binge-watch.

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