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White Lines: A Trippy and Outrageous Mystery

by Amara
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Grief is very personal, and each person deals with it differently. I had heard this somewhere, but could only understand the statement when I watched the new Netflix original series, White Lines. It is trippy, brash, and very much to the face, but should you watch it? Let us find out. 

White Lines Overview

When the dead body of her brother, Axel Collins, is discovered after over 20 years of disappearance, Zoe Walker decides to find the truth, flying down to where it started– Ibiza. She is soon drawn into the world of debaucherous nightlife, a web of lies, and the drugged-fueled lives the people around her.

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White Lines Reviews: A Trippy and Outrageous Mystery

White Lines has all the ingredients for the perfect binge-worthy Netflix show– murder, sex (a lot of it), violence, gripping mystery, emotional elements, soapy family drama, and killer chemistry. What the Anglo-Spanish Netflix original series also has is retro rave parties, heady trips, and drugs, which are the bonus points for the Alex Pina show. 

We got the taste of what Alex Pina can do with ever-addictive Money Heist, the highest watched non-English series on Netflix. From the looks of it, with White Lines, Pina may have yet another viral show in his hands. Here are some White Lines elements that stand out in the show and may make it go as viral as Money Heist

Zoe Walker and Her “Issues”

One of the things in White Lines that irked me the most (and that is saying something because the series is filled with the most outrageous and unpleasant scenes) was the way Zoe Walker was treated by people, especially her husband, father, and daughter. What would it take for a woman to have independence without being seen as someone unstable? 

Here we have Zoe, who wishes to find the truth about her brother and finally have the closure after realizing that he had not abandoned her. She is also a person who has craved for freedom but never really had the guts to take the leap. Almost reaching her forties, she is putting herself out there in the memory of her brother. 

Of course, she does have her moments of making impulsive, insane decisions. It is quite sad to see her motive (of finding her brother’s killer) being questioned so many times because she had a little fun (not whitewashing an affair, but still). 

The Weird Calafat Family

The Calafats is the main crime family in Ibiza with a patriarch who is not so different from Vito Corleone. As rich and important as they are, the Calafats are freaking weird, period. From an icky mother-son relationship and a matriarch who has no qualms about giving a father a hand-job to a flight-risk daughter and seemingly gold-hearted security detail, the Calafats are neck-deep in secrets and in desperate need of family therapy. 

The Screen-Burning Chemistry

White Lines has a lot of sex and outrageous romantic relationships. However, Zoe-Boxer was my ship, and I wanted it to sail. To a certain extent it did sail, only to be sunk to the bottom of the river with harsh realities, words, and lies. Played by Laura Haddock and Nuno Lopes, the two have crackling chemistry. From the first time I saw their interaction in the show, I knew sparks will fly soon. If there is a White Lines season 2, I will hope for my ship to revive and sail again. 

Retro Raves, Outrageous Sex, and Drug

If I were to describe the theme of the show, leaving the murder mystery out of it, it would be “a couple of 40-somethings trying re-live their youthful days.” For, Axel’s friends were all reminiscing their old days of debauchery, illegal raves, and drugs. Needless to say, White Lines has plenty to nudity, sex (including orgies), and “high” times. 

Axel Collins– The Ultimate Rebel and Free Soul

White Lines may be a murder mystery with emotional and soapy family drama. However, Axel Collins remains the soul of the show. Tom Harries has done a wonderful job of bringing the complexity of Collins perfectly. Throughout the show, as we follow the narrative, there is no choice but to be inspired by him to be free, but also sympathize with him as he chose to deal with grief the best he could. As the 10-part murder mystery came to an end, we will have discovered a side of Collins that we hadn’t seen until then. Through him, we could witness the change that fame, company, drugs, and parties can bring in people.

Crappy Friends

Axel and his friends left Manchester to make something of their lives and dreams in Ibiza, and they did. However, in Ibiza, we see a couple of 20-somethings who are quite toxic to one another. As much as a sweetheart Axel is to his sister, he was quite the shitty friend to Marcus. In turn, Marcus and his girlfriend, Anna, were just as terrible as Axel. By the end of 10 episodes, White Lines has me thinking, “What shitty friends they all are!”

Final Verdict

So, should you or shouldn’t you watch this Netflix original series? 

I say you should. These are tough times when an exciting and adventurous summer is not in our cards. There will be no partying, raves, beach, and pool hangout this year. White Lines with its sepia-themed wild 90s flashbacks will soothe your soul as we all recuperate from COVID 19 outbreak. 

What Next?

If you finished White Lines in a single day, like me, you must be wondering what to watch next. No worries, I got you covered. 

  • Watch Money Heist (again): This one is redundant, for there are probably very few people who haven’t watched Money Heist yet. But, if you are one of those, know that if you like White Lines, you are going LOVE Alex Pina’s Money Heist. 
  • Netflix’s original series and films: Netflix has a really good collection of thriller original series and films. A few worth checking out are Ozark, Inhuman Resources, Into the Night, Elite, Lost Girls, You, and Freud.
  • Indulge in murder mysteries: Those who love murder mysteries like White Lines, should definitely watch some of the best murder mystery films and read such books. 

Have you watched White Lines yet? What do you think of it, when compared to Money Heist? Let me know!


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