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Terms of Use

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The following Terms of Use refer to the websites provided by Content-Whale. These terms will govern your access and use of Content-Whale-owned websites and the entities it controls, including, The Review Bait (TRB).

Please read these terms carefully before using thereviewbait.com and all extensions. The terms of use cover all of TRB and any or all content associated with the website, including but not limited to emails, videos, and RSS feeds. 

By using the website, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms of use. Should you not agree to be bound by these terms, discontinue the use of this website.

Content Rights

All content published on TRB are original works and protected under applicable copyrights and intellectual property rights. TBR claims no credit or right over any images used on this website unless otherwise specified. 

This website may display external links citing sources that lead to other websites or services on the internet. These third-party sites are not under TRB’s control and as such, TRB is not liable for any content or actions of such websites. You further acknowledge that TRB shall not be held responsible (directly or indirectly) for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused by these websites.

Content Accuracy

TRB provides commentary-based, general information on specified categories related to the entertainment industry. 

TRB is not connected to any brand, celebrities, or other items or entities mentioned on this website. The website cannot guarantee or make any warranty on the reliability or correctness of the content. As such, the published content shall not be used or considered as a factual authority. You hereby acknowledge that TRB excludes any liability for inaccuracies or errors.

Use of Content

Content on TRB is intended for your personal and non-commercial use only and not for the benefit or use of a third party. Have your parent or legal guardian read and accept these terms of use if you are below the age of consent in your region. 

TRB allows for non-commercial reproduction of its original works with a mandatory credit to this website with a link and logo of the website displayed. You may use screenshots of the website or reproduce quotes or extracts from the website on print or otherwise with a mandatory credit to the website. 

You may not suggest that TRB endorsed you or your use of its work in any non-commercial reproduction. 

The rights granted to you do not include the right to republish the images used on this website, for which TRB may not hold copyrights, except in case of a screenshot of the whole website. 

Any other copying, rearrangement, or rewriting of any content on this website except for the limited right stated here is strictly prohibited. 

Under no circumstance can the content of this website may be used on a site promoting pornography, hate, racism, or any other illegal content.

RSS Feeds

This website may provide TRB an RSS Feed and should you use it, kindly refrain from doing any modifications or additions to its content. TRB reserves the right to terminate, change, or format the RSS feeds without prior notice. TRB also has the right to require parties to cease their use of these feeds at any time.

Your Use of the Content

Your use of the content on TRB is under your discretion and TRB shall not be responsible in any way for any complaints regarding the content or images you display on your site or in print.


TRB allows comments on its website, provided users follow these guidelines. Should they fail to meet them, the comments will be deleted.  

  • The posted comments shall not be legal, obscene, threatening, racist, or libelous
  • The user shall remain liable and responsible for the content of their comment. TRB does not take liability for the reliability or accuracy of such statements.
  • The user agrees to communicate genuine and true information in their comments
  • Any unfounded and defaming allegation is forbidden. You hereby agree to ensure the explicitness and argumentativeness of your statement.
  • TRB requests you to not leave personal information on the comments section, and should you do it, the website is not responsible for the safety of your information or your decision to do so.
  • TRB holds the right to delete or suppress any comment as it sees fit
  • Any comment on the website is considered to be TRB’s property and can (or may) be used for publication. By submitting a comment, you agree that your statement is edited and does not have any obscene or hateful remarks.
  • Your email address, which you submit when adding a comment, will not be sold by TRB


TRB does disclose any information provided by users for any purposes aside from providing services. However, TRB cannot guarantee the privacy of your information submitted over the internet (comments). As such, you must accept the entire responsibility if your information has been disclosed. Furthermore, TRB will cooperate with law enforcement in providing information related to any crime or investigation.

Waiver of Rights

The terms mentioned above constitute the complete agreement between the website (TRB) and you with respect to your use of its content, which supersedes any prior agreements. TRB’s failure to insist upon any provision of this agreement is not to be taken as a waiver of a provision or right. Should any of these terms be determined to be void or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, it will not affect other provisions in this agreement.